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Photo: Peninsula of Kas - Location of Villa Yakomoz, seafront Holiday Home with Pool at the Lycian Coast of Turkey

Photo: Haus und Garten der Villa Yakomoz, privates Ferienhaus mit Pool für 2-6 Personen direkt an der Lykischen Küste der Türkei, ideal für den individuellen Urlaub am türkischen Mittelmeer
Das Haus

Ferienhaus mit Pool und
atemberaubenden Blick auf das
Meer und die Lykische Küste

Foto: Wohnzimmer der Villa Yakomoz, privates Ferienhaus mit Pool für 2-6 Personen direkt an der Lykischen Küste der Türkei, ideal für den individuellen Urlaub am türkischen Mittelmeer

Räume und Dekoration
Informationen und Bilder
des Ferienhauses

Foto: Pool der Villa Yakomoz, privates Ferienhaus mit Pool für 2-6 Personen direkt an der Lykischen Küste der Türkei, ideal für den individuellen Urlaub am türkischen Mittelmeer

Pool und Garten

Terasse und Garten werden

zusätzlichen Wohnraum mit
fantastischem Meerblick

Foto: Auf der Terasse der Villa Yakomoz, privates Ferienhaus mit Pool für 2-6 Personen direkt an der Lykischen Küste der Türkei, ideal für den individuellen Urlaub am türkischen Mittelmeer


Anmerkungen und Informationen
zur Ausstattung des Hauses

Contact us - Villa Yakomoz, private seafront Holiday Home with Pool for 2-6 people in Kas/Antalya at the Lycian Coast of Turkey (Mediterranean )

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Where is Villa Yakomoz located?

Our holiday home is located at the coast of the peninsula of Ka, opposite the
Greek island Kastellorizo (turk. Meis). Therefore not only the spectacular view is
guaranteed; from the open sea there is always a light breeze, driving away the
summers heat. (see Directions)

Is Villa Yakomoz located directly at the coast?

Direct location at the shoreline is, due to the steep and rocky Lycian coast, not
possible. Furthermore there are restrictions to avoid uncontrolled construction.
However, the sea view is not disturbed at all.

Is there direct access to the sea?

Due to the landscape at the rocky coast, there is no easy or direct access to
enter the sea. Besides, it is dangerous to swim because of rocks and current.

Although the construction of steps is planned, swimming would be only
recommended for exceptional good swimmer.

Is Villa Yakomoz a single house and who uses the pool?

Villa Yakomoz is an attached house, located on a small, very well looked
after compound with only 2 buildings. Not all of the four attached houses are for
rent, so thes three parties only use the pool.

Is there breakfast included?

Our guests are self-caterer and therefore enjoy the luxury not being dependent
on opening-times of hotel-restaurants; rather to take a coffee on the terrace
or a cocktail at the pool any time they want.
Included in the price is the fresh bread, which is being delivered early in the morning.
Just inform the person who picked you up at your arrival.

Is there anybody on the property?

Our gardener comes every morning to bring the bread. He takes care of garden and pool.

From around midday he will be gone again.

Is there somebody to be contacted in case of questions or requests?

Not only being our gardener, he will be helpful for your questions and wishes belonging to the house and the property.
If you have any further questions for your stay, please contact us directly by mail or phone.
We will try to help you immediately (Evelyn Kopp 0090 536 356 30 64).

At your arrival please ask for the gardeners telephone number.
Allthough he speaks Turkish only, he will understand to get in touch with you. You will be surprised, how easy it is to communicate face to face.

How far is it to the centre of Ka?

By car it will take appr. 5 minutes. Parking can be found at the harbour.
The Minibus (Dolmu) operates every hour. A bus stop is not necessary, as the driver collects the passengers from the road.

Normal taxis are available as well. You will find the telephone numbers in the house.

When is the best time to visit Ka?

The Lycian coast is beautiful throughout the whole year. Still, we do follow the usual holiday season

from April until October (incl.) as well, but if there is interest for a stay in our house during the winter month, it can be arranged.

How can Villa Yakomoz be found at arrival?

We take special care, that our guests will be picked up in the town-centre and accompanied to the house.

Like this, long explanations are not necessary or wrong explanations will be avoided.

Is there Internet in the house?

There is wireless internet acces in all rooms, on the terrace as well as at the poolside.
Throughout your stay, the daily fee is 5,-- per day. Just ask the housekeeper for the password.

Is the house air-conditioned?

Of course, both of the bedrooms are air-conditioned.
Due to the construction of the house, the open style with the panorama-windows, air-conditioning in the living room

is not necessary, which is as well confirmed by our guests.

Is it possible to have the house cleaned during the stay?

On request it can be arranged to have a cleaner coming. The payment needs to be agreed on and depends on the guests needs.

To prevent high prices it is recommended, to arrange that via the owner.

Is there an additional fee to be paid for cleaning upon departure?

We dont charge for a final cleaning. To be able to enjoy the vacation from the
first to the last day,

we organize the cleaning before arrival as well as after departure without any additional fee, on the condition of a correct hand over.

Are the original paintings for sale?

Yes, they are for sale. For more information, please contact the artist
(Evelyn Kopp 0090 536 356 30 64)

Photo: Harbour of Kas, the Antique Antiphellos at the Lycian Coast of Turkey
Der Ort Kaş
Impressionen aus dem Ort
Kaş an der Lykischen Küste
der Türkei.

Foto: Lykisches Grab - Die Antike Stadt Pinara an der Lykischen Küste der Türkei
Die Lykische Küste

Ausflugsziele und Antike Stätten
an der Küste und im Hinterland.

Foto: Pool der Villa Yakomoz - privates Ferienhaus für 2-6 Personen mit Pool direkt an der Küste, ideal für den individuellen Urlaub an der Lykischen Küste der Türkei
Photo Gallery
Fotos der Villa Yakomoz,
Kaş und der Lykischen Küste,
sowie Kappadokien und

ASMALI CAVE HOUSE Kleines Boutique und Höhlenhotel in Kappadokien im Herzen der Türkei


Unser kleines Romantik und
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Die kleine Griechische
Insel Kastellorizo

Nahe der Lykischen Küste der Türkei, fast nur einen Steinwurf von Kas entfernt, liegt die Insel Kastellorizo (turk. Meis), ein beliebtes Ziel für einen Tagesausflug nach "Europa"



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