Kaş - Das Antike Antiphellos...

Photo: Ancient Theater of Kas at the Lycian Coast of Turkey


Photo: Harbour of Kas at the Lycian Coast of TurkeyThe Village Kaş

Kaş was and still is an insiders tip, a small diamond sparkling at the Lycian Coast.

The picturesque harbour town is located in the Province of Antalya, at the shore of the Lycian Coast, backed by the Taurus Mountains.
Although tourism found its entrance, Kaş was able to keep its natural charme and the visitors enjoy the unhurried and cosy lifestyle as well as the beautiful landscape, so close to the sea. Unlike some other places at the south-coast of Turkey,
mass-tourism is unwanted. Hotels and pensions are small and mostly in private hands.
Here the visitor is a guest and the Turkish hospitality natural.


The lanes in the historical centre are lined with small shops and boutiques, restaurants and bars.
One can find local and international kitchen, in gardens, back yards or on roof terraces with
stunning views. Kas offers delicacy for everybody’s taste. 

Photo: Nightlife in Kas at the Lycian Coast of Turkey
Jazz bars and Life-Music, nightlife in Kaş found its place not only underground, but also in cosy yards or under the stars.


Some traditions of Turkish lifestyle is kept in its origin. The weekly market is only one of many examples.

Still, die farmers of the area come from their villages in the mountains or the coast to offer the products of their own making.


Once, the romantic harbour was mostly  frequented by yachtsmen. Nowadays, diving fans
found another paradise, and paragliding, mountain-biking or trekking attracts more individualists
for another way of holiday.

The pebble beaches and beach platforms in and around Kaş are still not overrun and sunshine and
blue sky is guaranteed most of the time. Only a couple of minutes by car or with one of the
numerous small  fishing-boats and you will find romantic and quiet bays or “real” beaches with
crystal clear waters.

Photo: The ancient Theater in Kas at the Lycian Coast of TurkeyKaş - The Ancient Antiphellos

Kaş is one of the most important cities of Lycian Civilization. In ancient times Kaş was known as Antiphellos (or Antiphellus) during the Greek period, and Habesos during the Lycian era, being the harbor of the main settlement of Phellus, which is considered to have been sited in the mountains behind the town.

Archeological studies revealed the fact that in the 4th century BC the settlement consisted of some buildings near the harbor and several rock tombs. Around a century later, the city gained more importance and developed with an increasing trade center for timber.

In the course of history, the city was reigned by several important rulers. During the Roman era the city was one of the major trading centers of Lycia and later became the centre of episcopacy of the Byzantines. The town was known as Andifli during the reign of Anatolian Seljuk and later became part ot the Ottoman Empire.

Photo: Lycian Tomb - Kas (Province Antalya) at the Lycian Coast of TurkeyThe Monuments

There are rock-cut Ionian tombs located in the eastern and northern mountains
of the ancient city. Decorated with Lycian writings, the monumental
King’s Tomb in the town centre dates from 4th century BC and is one of the most
beautiful and glorious sacrophagus.

Among the most important masterpieces in this region is the Amphitheater from
the 1st century BC. For a capacity of 4000 people, it was made of 26 steps and
its stage is the open view to the sea, towards the Greek Island Meis.
The Theater was last restored in the 2nd century AD. 

A home-typed Doric style tomb from the 5th century BC is located near the Theater and decorated with a carved frieze of 24 dancing girls.

Culture, history and nature, combined with  sport, as well as excitement or relaxation, 
all those wishes can be joined here, for an unforgettable holiday.

Photo: Ancient Theater of Kas at the Lycian Coast of Turkey