Direction to Kaş and Villa Yakomoz...

Photo: Ancient Theater of Kas at the Lycian Coast of Turkey

How to reach Villa Yakomoz in Kaş 



The closest airports are Dalaman (140km) and Antalya (180 km).
Both airports operate throughout
the year with scheduled national and
international flights as well as charter flights.

Antalya Airport:

90 242 330 30 30 – 330 36 00

Dalaman Airport:
90 252 792 52 91


There are several companies available, from international brands to smaller private agencies. Time is over, that to hire a car in Turkey is an oriental adventure. Today the cars are serviced and maintained and comply European standards.

Tip: For your Trip, we will provide you with detailed Information.

Private transfer:

Several small companies and agencies in Kaş offer a private transfer from and to the airport.
The prices differ and mostly depend on the ability for negotiations.

Photo: Turquoise Bike at the Turquoise Coast of TurkeyBy bus / Minibus (Dolmuş):

This way of travelling is inexpensive but not always recommended. To travel with luggage by
bus might be the first interesting experience, but can also be nerve-wracking and difficult.
Still, the tickets are not very expensive.

Tip: Use our knowledge. We will be happy to give you the necessary information and help
you with the reservations.

How to find Villa Yakomoz

Upon arrival in Kaş our guests will be welcomed in the town centre and accompanied to Villa Yakomoz on the peninsula, around 5 minutes by car.

More Information about Kas

Minibusses operate every hour between the peninsula and the centre of Kaş. There are no bus stops. The driver picks up the passengers from the roadside.
Different from many European Countries, to use a Taxi in Turkey it is still affordable and easy. 

Tip: To be flexible for your trips to the sights worth seeing along the coast or the evenings in and around Kaş, or if it is only for a quick shopping, we highly recommend to hire a car. If you would like our assistance, please contact us.


Photo: Ancient Theater of Kas at the Lycian Coast of Turkey

Combined Holidays

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Your Honeymoon

What is more romantic than the silver moonlight, sparkling like diamonds on the surface of the dark sea. Start your new life with an unforgettable honeymoon in Villa Yakomoz.

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